GRADE                                  1000.00​
Baxter, GRADE 5 year old GELDING, stands 15.2-3 hands tall and is a stout made boy. I took Baxter in on trade about 3-4 months ago. I am Baxter's 3rd owner. Baxter was raised in North Arkansas, I was told by this owner that he had 30 days on the barrel pattern and 50 steers headed on him as a 3 year old. This horse was sold about 6 months ago to a beginner rider as a beginner gentle horse. The second owners owned this horse a few months but realized immediately he was not a beginner appropriate gelding. Thus comes to the point I ended up with Baxter. (If you need names or phone numbers of previous owners I will be happy to provide). In the 3 months I have owned Baxter we have ridden him 3 times. HE HAS NEVER OFFERED TO BUCK. This horse has been hauled to a few roping jackpots and stood tied at the trailer with no issues. This horse does not exhibit any qualities that would prove that he has been started in either the roping or the barrel pattern. I am selling him as GREEN BROKE. We did take him to work cows on one day, he did not seem spooky to be in the big outdoors. At this time he would be appropriate I feel as a trail horse. There was no need for me to make a video. Baxter plow reins, one foot in front of the other rides, but will speed up if you ask. I will have a short video showing grooming, loading, unloading, picking up feet, and leading. Baxter knows all the basics but needs someone with experience to finish him out. Very pretty horse for someone wanting a project on a budget. NO BAD HABITS, NO CRIBBING, NO WEAVING, STALLS GOOD, AND GETS ALONG WITH OTHERS. CLEAN LEGGED WITH NO KNOWN SOUNDNESS ISSUES. **You will see an old scar on his neck in one photo, it does not affect him in anyway**


AQHA                                10,000.00​​