AQHA                                    1500.00​​​
Sams Silver Heart, Sam, is a GORGEOUS registered 15.0 hand 10 year old AQHA gelding. Sam is one of my favorite geldings on the whole place this boy is a TOTAL LOVE BUG! He is an in your pocket pet! EASY TO CATCH, SADDLE, BRIDLE, STALL, HAUL, OR TURN OUT. This gelding is G-E-N-T-L-E on the ground. Anyone in the world can do anything they want with this gelding on the ground. Sam has been hauled to a few ropings, has had professional roping training on the head side, and has been used outside extensively! This horse is NOT selling as a finished head horse but has a good foundation. THIS GUY HAS A PALM OF YOUR HAND RIDE, Sam has been rode bridle-less many times. He has a rocking chair lope and a responsive turn. THIS GUY IS FOR SALE FOR ONE REASON ONLY, this horse will be cold backed. He is NOT CINCHY AND WILL NOT SET BACK ON THE HALTER. This horse will be honest about pitching 4 licks when you first ask him to lope off. Once he gets those 4 licks he is done. You can ride all day long. He will not do it when you ask him to first walk or trot off, only on the lope. This horse would be a 4-5 thousand dollar gelding if he didn't have that flaw. You buy him to be this way. Sam has been on consignment with me for around 40 days and everyday he has been ridden he has done the same thing. He IS NOT AN OUTLAW OR A SNIDE. This is an HONEST gelding that doesn't want to hurt a soul, but the flaw goes with him.